What is "Stego"

May be you heard about cryptography. It's used everywhere to protect information when storing and/or transmitting it. All you need to know - cryptography is not a swiss knife. It cannot protect your data in every situation.

So, some clever people found an alternative way - not to protect, but to hide. This way called steganography. The main idea is - if no one can't see something, he can't do anything with it.

But not everything so cool. Historically, both cryptography and steganography began developing and adjusting for common man not so long ago with many political and social problems (such as terrorism). And if cryptography was successfully adapted for everyday usage in network protocols, filesystems, etc, steganography was (and still) available only for small groups of people (mostly enthusiasts, scientists and other spies). And there are not a lot of tools and methods available.

And I created one. It's very strong and scalable, but I cannot tell you everything now. There will be a special paper about it later. But you still can enjoy it. For now, I can only say that this method based on old ideas like Cardan grille, but with some new flavor.


Stego Proxy

Do you trust your ISP? Your government? Your system administrator? What if they can track every your action in the Internet? By the way, the answer is: "Yes, they can".

"But I'm smart, I'm using https and secure messagers" someones say. Yes, cryptography and encryption is good practice and can prevent many attacks on your data. But not all of them, unless you're sitting next to a pink unicorn.

May be you heard about Man in the Middle. It is one of the most dangerous problems in modern cryptography and it's Internet applications. If someone has direct access to your data channel, he can break like any algorithms you will use to protect your data (okay, may be not any, but at least the most used ones). So, you need to use something else besides.

Stego Proxy is like any other proxy, but through steganograpy channels for MitM-free Internet. It means that even if someone will gain full access to the data you're transmiting, he will not be able to detect anything, but usual harmless not-even-encrypted traffic to your proxy. Like pictures with kittens. Or translation from street cam. Or...

Currently it is under development, but early versions are available. To use them, you need personal server with http proxy like Squid or alternative. Detailed instructuions, download links and other information you can find at GitHub project page (look, it's down there).


Stego Storage

Secure steganography storage for your files.

Stego Network

With Stego Proxy you can access Internet even through discredited channels with trusted server. But what if you cannot transmit data to it? For example, in Russia, special goverment agency can block direct access to any resource on the Internet via ip or domain. And there is a lot more. I.e., it is centalized around your proxy server and will not work if something happen with it.

And even if you can connect to proxy server, you can rely on steganography as data protection method on only interval between you and it. Furthermore, independently on your proxy networ topology, man in the middle can track you as source of traffic. At last, you can use Stego Proxy only to proxy your basic Internet connections, it wasn't designed for something else.

So, there is Stego Network. It is a new peer 2 peer decentralized network based on steganography for very secure messaging and services. Everyone is communicating through the network anonymously with broadcast technique. One node can know only network address of another node, nothing else. They can send and receive messages using signatures - their own personal marks.

Network is on early theoretical and practical development stage. No builds or manuals currently available.


Stego.pw (P if for Protection, W is for Workshop) is brand new project which stands for data security and privacy. It is a workshop where new steganography software is produced.

I think, security through obscurity is no good. That's why everything you will find here is open. And free too, you can use it however you want. But only not for commercial purposes - this is the only limitation.

But, if you need something for commercial use or have any idea of steganography usage and you want me to implement it - contact me. We promise not to say a word to FBI of any structure like it :).

If you a programmer - you can help project with contribution to projects on GitHub.
Otherwise - visit our donation page, every penny counts.


Project is maintained by Labunsky Artem.
If you want to contact me for some reason - see the links below.